amybot's prefix is "amy!", "a.", or "a:" without the quotes. To get linked back to this page, as well as some other helpful resources, you can do amy!help. <> means required argument, [] means optional argument, and | means "or". <>[]| are NOT part of the actual command, so don't put them!
Command name Command description Command usage
Emote Commands
These commands are all just "emotes." You run the command and amybot will send a fun little message saying what was done and who received it. amy!<command> <name>
Example: amy!hug someone, amy!stab someone else
Currency Commands
daily Gain some extra money once per day. amy!daily
crime Do a little "unethical work" once in a while to gain some extra cash amy!crime
heist Attempt a larger-scale version of amy!crime, with a high risk but very high reward. amy!heist
balance Check your balance or someone else's. amy!balance [@somebody]
Example: amy!balance, amy!balance @somebody
baltop See the 10 richest users. amy!baltop
pay Send some money to another user amy!pay <amount> <@somebody>
Example: amy!pay 100 @nobody important
slots Bet some money at the slot machines for a potentially huge payout amy!slots
gamble Gamble on the Wumpus Races to gain some extra cash. Minimum bid is 20. amy!gamble [amount]
Example: amy!gamble, amy!gamble 30
D&D Commands
dnd Search for D&D information on almost any:
  • Monster
  • Magic item
  • Mundane item
  • Spell
  • Feat
  • Race
Note that some information may be missing for legal reasons.
amy!dnd <spell|monster|magicitem|item|feat|race> <query> OR dnd spell <class> <level> for class spell listings
Example: amy!dnd monster goblin, amy!dnd spell fireball, amy!dnd magicitem sword
roll Allows you to do some basic dice rolling, with standard dice notation amy!roll <number of dice>d<number of sides>[+ <extra non-dice value>]
Example: amy!roll 1d20, amy!roll 20d6+36
Fun Commands
e Use emotes from any server that amybot is in! amy!e <emote name>
Example: amy!e blobowo, amy!e thonk, amy!e feelsbadman
sing Queue up some singers for karaoke! amy!sing [skip|list]
Example: amy!sing, amy!sing skip, amy!sing list
waifu Tells you the truth about your waifu, whoever she may be. NOTE: This command contains some NSFW language. Treat it accordingly. amy!waifu
rubeface Shows one of 250+ random reaction images, suitable to just about every occasion. NOTE: This command contains some NSFW language. Treat it accordingly. amy!rubeface
insult Generates a SFW Shakespearean insult. amy!insult
fatsquare Show the greatest emote of all time. Also applicable in many situations. amy!fatsquare
safetyjim Show Discord's Safety Jim, to remind you to be safe on the internet. Or something. amy!safetyjim
smart Get a smart quote to enhance your mind. amy!smart
8ball Ask the magic 8-ball anything! amy!8ball <question>
Example: amy!8ball Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
snowman Have you seen the snowman? amy!snowman
cat Get a random cat image. amy!cat
bootlegcat For when you're too poor for amy!cat. amy!bootlegcat
dog Get a random dog image. amy!dog
catgirl Get a random catgirl image. Potentially NSFW. amy!catgirl
sb Spongememe text. amy!sb silly bot features
evil For when you need to show true evil. amy!evil Pouring milk before the cereal
memetext Turn some text into big emojis. amy!memetext big text goes here
Utility Commands
ping pong! Will tell you if the bot is responding right now. amy!ping
help Get some help with amybot! amy!help
invite An easy way to remember how to invite her to your server. amy!invite
clear Clear the last however many messages that were send in the channel. amy!clear <amount>
Example: amy!clear 100, amy!clear 2, amy!clear 50
Chat Levels Commands
levels See the leaderboards for the server, or import Mee6 levels data. amy!levels [<import mee6>]
Example: amy!levels, amy!levels import mee6
rank Check your rank in the server. amy!rank
Music Commands
join Bring amybot into the voice channel you're in, if she isn't already in one. join
leave Make amybot leave the voice channel she's in. amy!leave
queue Queue a YouTube video up to be played. Does NOT start the queue. Can automatically search YouTube for you amy!queue <URL>
Example: amy!queue, amy!queue rick astley never gonna give you up
play Start playing the queue, interrupting radio mode. amy!play
np Show the currently-playing song amy!np
station Change radio stations by query amy!station <query>
Example: amy!station jpop, amy!station classical instrumental
skip Skip the currently-playing track, if and only if amybot is playing queued music. Alternatively, clear all currently-queued songs. amy!skip [all]
Example: amy!skip, amy!skip all
stop Stop playing music. amy!stop
ytsearch Search for some music on YouTube amy!ytsearch <query>
Example: amy!ytsearch weeb music